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Butler County Water System, Inc. provides on-site fire protection services to commercial and industrial customers throughout the county.* These fire services, which are designed to meet each customer’s needs based on the size of the facility, ensure that adequate water pressure and flow are available in the event of a fire. BCWS works closely with contractors and developers to ensure the most efficient systems and proper meter sizes are in place prior to the construction of the facility.

A monthly fee is applied for all fire service meters to recover the costs of the system and facilities that ensure fire protection is available when needed. The chart below lists the fee by meter size.

Meter Size Monthly Charge
1.5-inch $17.53
2-inch $26.20
3-inch $68.05
4-inch $147.92
6-inch $340.77
8-inch $658.17
10-inch $1,139.70
12-inch $1,799.31


* For residential properties, fire hydrants are located throughout many areas of the Butler County Water System service area. If you have questions about fire protection and your residential property, feel free to call us at (270) 526-4656.

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